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Light was a long-running and highly influential Canadian zine published by Leslie A. Croutch.   Like Fantascience Digest, Light maintained a strong and fairly consistent aesthetic across many issues.  Light features a well-executed and busy layout, brimming with compelling illustrations from a variety of artists. Of particular note is issue # 135, an “all-girl” issue featuring content from female artists and writers.  

From top photo, left to right:

 Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 34. January, 1948.

Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 135. Fall, 1945.  

Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 35. April, 1945.

Light. Ed. Leslie A. Croutch.  Whole # 133. Winter, 1944. 

-Laura H. 

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